I realize that there are many words that geeks/gamers use that are entirely unique to our sub-culture.  However, there are others that were originally not meant for us at all, but we’ve adopted anyway; frag and uber being two that immediately come to mind.

Now, to the uneducated, those words sound like they had to be created by some Halo players and managed to be sneaked into the common vernacular, but in actuality the opposite is true!  It’s just that many of these words have fallen out of use by the general public and have now become associated with geeks.

The inspiration for this post’s subject came from a rather unexpected place: maxi pads.  No, I’m not kidding.  While watching TV, the commercials came on and my brain stopped paying attention.  Right up until one word was uttered in the weirdest context.

The world’s first pad of its kind, Always Infinity offers women powerful absorbency like never before. It’s made with an über-absorbent material called Infinicel that has the power to absorb 10x its weight, yet remains amazingly light.

Yeah, it’s uber-absorbent.  It also has l33t-wings to help you move on with RL.  Gratz!  Your menstral block has hit lvl 60! W00t!

I don’t know why this bugs me so much, but it does.  Every time the ad is on, that single word just grates on me!


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  • zohner

    Now all I’m going to think about for the rest of the night is menstruating gamers. Thanks for that…