The new television shows for Fall 2008 network season are almost here.   Amid the cesspools known as ‘reality’ tv, cop show copy-cats and lame sitcoms we can usually find nuggets of interesting television.  Here are some of the shows that I feel would be of interest to fellow geeks with some of my comments for you to rip apart.  With some of the schedule conflicts, I can only thank the gods for DVR service.  All times posted are Eastern.
Think a show is missing from this list?  Remember that several shows have Mid-season premiers such as Lost (ABC), Reaper (CW), 24 (Fox) and Merlin (new show, NBC) .

I’m also interested in hearing what other geeks are looking forward to.

Knight Rider

On a crusade....

8:00pm Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles (Fox)- Returning show starts on September 8th.  I will be watching this show again.  I really didn’t think this would make good episodic television, but I found myself watching each week.

8:00pm Chuck (NBC)- Returning show starts on September 29th. So far I’ve only been moderately impressed with this show as I thought that Jake 2.0 was better.  Going against Terminator in the same timeslot may not be the best idea.

9:00pm Heroes (NBC)- Returning show starts on September 22nd.  Another show I can’t wait for.  Season two wasn’t as good as the first, but the writing is still good.  Our Heroes must capture newly escaped villains with various superpowers.

10:00pm My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)- New show starting on October 13th.  Christian Slater’s character has two lives, average dude and bold superspy.  One doesn’t know about the other until the barrier separating the two start to break down.  First the promos on the Olympics didn’t interest me.  But the Jekyll and Hyde combo may draw attention to this show.

9:00pm Fringe (Fox)- New show from J.J. Abrams that will start on September 9th.  Bold new show or X-Files wanabe?  Both have an FBI agent investigating unusual cases.  Will Fox allow a Sci-Fi show to survive?  Well we did get a second season of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles so who knows.

8:00pm Knight Rider (NBC)- New show starting on September 24th.  Growing up in the 80’s I remember the original show.  I liked the pilot movie and thought that Val Kilmer did a very good job as the voice for K.I.T.T.  I want to see where they take this, especially when the Hoff returns.

8:00pm Smallville (CW)- Returning show starting on September 18th.  Wow eight seasons?  Could this show survive the demise of the network?  I dropped this show in the first season because I didn’t want to watch teen-angst with superpowers.  Now people tell me this is one of the best geek series on television.  Should I just buckle down and watch all the episodes on DVD or should I only watch certain key shows?

9:00pm Supernatural (CW)- Returning show starting on September 18th. First I only watched this with my geek wife, but I’ve started following this show as well.  It turned out a lot better than I expected it to be.  I enjoyed the Ghostfacers episode from the previous season.

10:00pm Life on Mars (ABC)- New show starting on October 9th.  A cop travels through time from 2008 to 1973.  Will this be good (despite the number of cop shows out there) or a bad rippoff of the BBC version?  I’m interested in seeing Colm Meaney in this.

10:00pm Eleventh Hour (CBS)- New show starting on October 9th.  Yet another BBC import that the American studios decided to try.  I love watching BBC America to see what will be ripped off next.  An investigator of unusual scientific cases is sent out to solve crimes as the last line of defense.  Could be too close to a cop show copy-cat that Hollywood has a fixation on.

8:00pm Crusoe (NBC)- New show starting on October 17th.  I debated putting this one here.  The show is based in the 17th Century (when the novel was written).   Filmed in England for American viewers.  I’ll put this one up for the History geeks.

Repeats of Knight Rider are scheduled on Saturdays at 9:00pm

FOX continues its Sunday animated line up.  Family Guy, American Dad, King of the Hill and the 147th season of The Simpsons starts on September 28th.    Outside of the specials, I really don’t catch any of these.


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  • Lacey

    I’m really looking forward to Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone…maybe those aren’t nerdy enough for you guys to mention though…lol.  And of course I am way excited for Dollhouse…but that isn’t until January.  I just watched some of the bonus material on the Heroes season 2 set and I can hardly contain myself until September 22nd for that to start.  If it is even possible to more excited than me my hubby surely is..he is talking about getting the HD package just so he can see it in all it’s glory.