Marvel Phase 4

Decade-old spoilers abound as the Texas Chapter of Stolendroids is called to order. Collin takes a trip to The Lone Star State only to learn that he needs to avoid anything with multiple legs that crawls on the ground. This includes chiggers, rabbits, and whatever it was that attempted to rush him as he walked outside. (A chupacabra perhaps?) Thankfully he survived his near-fatal attack so that we could discuss some of what came out of San Diego Comic-Con, specifically Marvel’s Phase 4 news from outside my daughter’s princess tent. (Spoiler warning: We couldn’t fit inside.)

That’s not all we talk about though. Prepare to not be surprised as you learn that Alan Moore doesn’t like yet another Hollywood adaptation of one of his works. He has a history of placing curses on projects that he disapproves of but I have a suggestion for him. I think in this case it would be more effective to buy everyone involved in HBO’s Watchmen a chili cheese Blizzard from Dairy Queen. Doing that would shut down production for at least a week and there are no messy curses to deal with. However, DQ may be charged with crimes against humanity.


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