Last week when Deal Or No Deal ran their special Star Wars themed episode, my first thought was “That should be me up there.” You see, it was my destiny to appear on that episode. However, I didn’t get my audition tape made before they stopped accepting them. Instead of me, some fat guy with a beard took my place. (Maybe in honor of George Lucas?)

Anyways, when the episode came on, I received about half a dozen phone calls asking me if I was watching it. Unfortunately the calls were coming as I was watching it, thus preventing me from actually watching. Am I the only one who sees the irony in this?

For those of you who missed it, have no fear, it was typical DOND. Not much was notable except for the 26 models dressed like Slave Leia. And since you didn’t get to see it “live”, and we here at Stolen Droids practice due diligence when it comes to our geek brothers and sisters, here is some video for you to enjoy. Just don’t enjoy it too much.


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  • Would have been better if the banker looked like Jabba.

  • sonofoma

    WOW, the DOND models never looked HOTTER! IMHO