2013 year



Contract between NSA and RSA revealed

More issues with Samsung Galaxy S4 found

Did online retailers, or shipping companies steal Christmas?

Iron Maiden knows what’s up: Using pirating data to plan tours

Rap Genius games SEO – Google says NO

Panoramic Image from China Moon Lander

Shop at Target? Better change your PIN


  • Wearable Tech: Google Glass, Samsung Watch

  • Java created a black hole of suck, and then suddenly fixed it?

  • Google decides to hate everyone by changing Gmail

  • iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks: Apple falters? – Mac Pro

  • Yahoo got rebranded, and didn’t die!

  • Blackberry ran its head against the wall a few times, and didn’t die!

  • Healthcare.gov launched . . . died repeatedly!

  • Next Gen consoles launch

  • NSA is spying on everyone


Zuke’s Favorite: How to get murdered by your wife and divorced, all at once!

Zohner’s Favorite: Funko Pop!

Schmidty’s Favorite: Epic Rap Battles of History

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