Don’t Tread on Me. Virtually or Otherwise

Schmidty and I threw together this little mock flag in observance of the current climate this week.  As Dr Squishy pointed out on our Facebook, I don’t really know what the original was supposed to mean either.  However, it is a sort of historical reminder that we, as Americans, have this slight tendency to oppose powers that might try and censor/oppress us.  And tax our salt & tea, but that’s for another discussion.

The fact remains is that what “our” Congress is trying to do now is actually very similar to what has happened before (i.e. a ruling body, so out of touch with a group of the public, bows to the demands of someone wanting more money, tries to enact a law, and gets whomped for it).

If history tells us anything, it’s that it doesn’t typically end well.

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