According to a CNBC report, 21st Century Fox has been holding talks to sell most of the company to Walt Disney Co., leaving behind a media company that would be primarily focused on news and sports meaning that Disney would be purchasing most of the studio.

While taking control of another movie studio and significant TV production assets would be an extremely nice feather in Disney’s hat, it also potentially means that the Marvel properties to which Fox currently holds the rights could enter the MCU at some point in the future. The properties include Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Deadpool, and the X-Men characters which could set up movies based on classic story lines such as Avengers vs. The X-Men down the road.

We should also point out that even though talks between Disney and Fox have been taking place over the past few weeks, these talks have now stalled. While this doesn’t necessarily say anything about the potential deal one way or the other, it does mean that there is still a lot that we don’t know.