Let me preface this “letter” to you first by letting you know that I do not plan on voting for you in the 2008 Presidential Elections.  I respect your service to our country, even when I don’t always agree with it, and hope you continue to serve in whatever way you feel prudent and/or capable.

I went into this last weekend very upset with you and your campaign, with the smears and racially-tinged insults you’ve been throwing around at rallies.  I, myself, have grown up as an “outsider” in my own community simply because I have a funny name and am not white.  It’s hard to understand what that’s like if you haven’t lived it yourself, and I’m afraid I don’t have the necessary skills to really convey to you (or anyone else) just how much it hurts.  I’m half-Japanese, with a semi-traditional name.  I don’t speak Japanese.  I don’t know kung-fu.  Yes, I know I’m tall.  No, not all Japanese men are 4foot11.  I’m not Hispanic either.  I’m not “an Arab”.  I’m just not white.

I believe very strongly that anyone who hopes to attain the highest office in our nation should hold themselves to the highest standards.  That being said, I understand that everyone is human, and so should be allowed their own human weaknesses as well.

Up until last night, I was almost convinced that racism was one of yours and it saddened me greatly.  But then I saw the videos; you stood up to your own supporters on this.  You may not believe what you said, you might actually be racist, but that doesn’t matter.  The fact that you came out and said otherwise, that you made a stand is all that matters.

They didn’t like that, though, did they?  And it seemed to surprise you.  Your own supporters actually booed you at your own rally for showing that you had at least the most basic dignity for a fellow human.  Instead of becoming even more enamored over you for showing incredible moral judgment under the worst circumstances, they became upset that you wouldn’t feed into their blood-lust.

Sunday night, I went from being very upset that someone like you could make it this far in an election, to realizing I may have misjudged you.  I am still not convinced on your policies, your credibility, or your running mate . . . but to me, those are things that an election is supposed to be about.

I now actually feel bad for you.  Not in a condescending, pitying sort of way.  Rather, it seems that on the way to trying to make your dreams come true (and do what you feel is best), your path was hijacked by people who felt it’s okay to cross the line.  They felt that it’s fine to call your opposition a “terrorist”, “Muslim”, and “traitor”.  Even if you didn’t, they did.  And they did it in your name.

Perhaps you didn’t realize how bad it had gotten.  Sure, there were the times when your rally announcers tried to slam Obama by using his middle name (and with a middle name like Sidney, you shouldn’t be bragging either) and the wackos who may or may not have yelled “kill him” . . . but it’s possible you really didn’t know what kind of people your campaign and running mate have been pandering to.

It shouldn’t be surprising, actually.  The people who you hired to manage your campaign were the same people who used the exact same tactics against you in 2000.  Their job is easier this time, however; the opponent has a funny name, he’s black, and he wants change.  They probably figured they could get the easy votes from the uninformed, the racist, and the people who are a nice combination thereof.

No matter who says what, and who tries to defend who, those people are still out there.  They are the ones that still insist Obama isn’t a citizen at all because he wasn’t born in the USA (when we all know that he was, and, in fact, it’s YOU who was born in a foreign country).  They insist he’s Muslim (because his father was, so he must be part Muslim, right?  Doesn’t it work like that?).  They might believe he eats children, and at the very worst, believe he and his family should still be property.  The American hypocrisy and ignorance is internationally known and despised, and it would be naive to think it can be done away with a few words at a rally.

I’m not sorry you had to defend your opponent from your own supporters, however I’m happy you did.  You took a political bullet at that rally (a bullet you can thank your own running mate for loading into every body’s guns), and you did it for your own personal dignity.  I find that admirable, and it’s a shame you were put into such a position from your own camp.

Note:  I have many friends who support John McCain and his policies.  I understand that not everyone who supports him is racist or ignorant, nor is everyone who does not support him a socialist hippy.  As always, if you are going to vote, make sure you vote on the issues you feel are important.  If race is the only thing that’s important to you; there’s a reason why your own candidate stood up to people like you.


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Co-founder of and Executive Producer for Stolendroids Podcast. Also resident ‘tech-head’ and de-facto leader of the group.

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  • Alexander

    Seconded in all respects.

  • zohner

    I agree that people that exhibit some of these beliefs are just plain stupid. Given what we know about the human race, the only thing that we should be intolerant of is intolerance. That’s not to say that everyone needs to hold hands and sing hippie songs but we can have civilized discussions about the things that we agree on and use them to build upon those areas in which we disagree.

    For the record, McCain supporters aren’t the only ones coming completely unhinged in this area. Obama has some crazies on his side as well.

  • Oh, I know. There are crazies all over the place.

    I forget who said it, but “I can disagree with you without hating you.” I love that.

  • Alexander

    There’s a statement along those same lines that’s attributed to the 18th Century French philosopher Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

    Not that I disagree.

  • Dr Squishy

    What is wrong with hating someone? Honestly. I’ve never met one but I can pretty much say for certain that I hate Nazi’s. I hate people who drive like they’ve recently been the recipients of a frontal lobotomy. I hate people who victimize kids. And at this point I can honestly say that I hate Sarah Palin. She was brought blinking into the sun about six weeks ago and has consistently tried to outdo herself in the Stupid Olympics ever since. Every time I see some Republican pundit on CNN or Fox News try to say what a good job she’s doing, and point out that as a former Mayor of the Meth capitol of Alaska and a little league hockey coach she is ready to be the number 2 to a man who would be the oldest ever to take the oath of office. I’ve previously ranted here against her, and if anyone wants more specific examples I’d be glad to give.

    What scares me most about John McCain is not that he’s old, out of touch, or a career politician who thinks that he can clean up Washington when he’s been one of those messing it up for the last three decades. He also said at the most recent debate that he knows how to get Osama Bin Laden. Well if you do why have you been keeping it from the rest of us? We’ve been looking for that prick for over seven years and you knew what to do? But that’s not the worst bit. The worst part is that he has had to completely sell out to get the nomination, and now is selling his soul even further with hopes of winning the Presidency. He also seems to be renewing the sale by changing his message every few days to try to stave off a poll deficit that is nearing double digits.

    Say what you like about the Obama/Biden ticket but at least we know what we’ll get. I’m terrified of the McCain/Palin side because I’ve got no clue what we’d see. Will it be for deregulation and more rewards for the businesses who have sent our economy into the toilet, as McCain has supported his whole career. Or will we see their current message of massive regulation and socializing more and more businesses. Can you tell me if they would be pro choice, McCain, or anti abortion, as Palin is and McCain might be depending on who he’s talking to. I don’t think that we can take another four years of a leader who is convinced that God is on their side, and that their judgment (what ever the hell the decide that day) is unquestionably correct.

  • Zohner and I had a fun conversation about the paradox that is “hating all bigots”. Doesn’t that make you a bigot yourself? Hard to say.
    But, and correct me if I’m wrong here, I don’t think you’re saying it’s ok to hate based on race. Are you?

  • I was worried this election would turn into a joke. Every election we hope it doesn’t turn into mud slinging, flat out lies and half-truths. But then I have very little faith in the people running and a lot of people who vote. An example I heard once is that the mud-slinging advertising is aimed at the lowest common denominator of the voters. Those who don’t think.

    On Obama and McCain: I don’t have any faith in ether one. I’m not voting for them. See incumbents below.

    On any national incumbent politician: They had 20 years to fix the current issues we are now in. Either they contributed to it, they didn’t do enough to stop it or they didn’t even try. I will be voting against any current incumbent from now on until they are gone. This includes both McCain and Obama.

    Despite my extreme dislike for the politics going on right now, I will be voting this November. I’ve already started doing the job interviews for various people who want to work for me. I’m not limiting my research to the D or the R behind the name of the candidate. A researched vote is not a wasted vote. In 2004 I voted for members from four different political parties. In 2006 I voted for people from three different political parties.

    Vote, but please be informed about your vote. Ignore the stupid people who will try to drag you down with racism, stupid attack ads and mindless fluff.

  • zohner

    Mud slinging, lying, and telling half-truths is the American way when it comes to politics. Just look at the people that that seek this power; they’re complete ego maniacs that will do anything to get power. Once they have it, there’s nothing that they won’t do to keep it. Add to that the fact that the media considers themselves a party in and of themselves, and you’ve got nothing but trouble.

  • I guess it could always be worse though . . . you remember Superdell? yeah! Let me see if i can find it online (saw it in my voter’s packet).

    “SUPERDELL is your only choice because YOU didn’t file. Huntsman took away your freedoms and raised taxes more than any governor in the history of Utah. Springmeyer has admitted that he doesn’t care about the constitution. The definition of the word insane is voting for the same people while expecting change.

    There is no question that Dell Shanze is different. There are only 3 people on the ballot and SUPERDELL is the only one that is NOT socialist. If you are unsure then fill your heart with love, completely open your mind and pray to earnestly. You cant afford to get this wrong and will be held accountable for your choice.”

    Sure hope this isn’t one of those “other ones” you were thinking about, TardisCaptain! lol

  • zohner

    Dell Schanze’s blog actually says that he is “The Last Hope For Both The People Of Utah And The World”. I guess he thinks he’s Obi-Wan Kenobi.

  • Erica

    On Thursday (Oct 23), I worked a shift at the early voting location at the Clearfield library. A couple amusing things happened. The first was an elderly gentleman who continually admonished his wife while they voted, saying “Remember – NO incumbents!”
    After the polling location had closed for the night, one of my co-workers was looking at the provisional ballots, and said “I didn’t even know “Super Dell” was running!” She flipped to his little blurb in the voter information pamphlet that was mailed out a few weeks ago, and started laughing. “He just needs to be smacked!” were the only words I was able to catch as I shut down the voting machines for the day. I won’t go into depth on my personal views of the ego-maniacal nut-job, but I do want to say, if it’s available in your area, GO VOTE EARLY! This election is hugely important, and, for presidential elections, the numbers of voter turn-out are expected to be even bigger than usual, simply because this is such a heated race. You can go to to find the early voting locations in your county. If you are a Davis county voter, you can come see me at the Clearfield library again next Wednesday, Oct 29, between 3 and 8 pm. =)
    Every vote really does count, especially in one as close as this. Dubya won his second term by the slimmest of margins. All that it would have taken for a donkey win last time would have been a few hundred “My vote doesn’t count, so why bother?” whiners in each state to get off their duffs and perform their civic duty – and one of our most basic rights in this country – and vote.
    As for the original post, I have to agree. I do admire Senator McCain, especially after proving that he does have some integrity, doing better that even Sarah Paling herself at standing up to the ugliness many of the elephants have been spouting, but that admiration isn’t enough to make up for the the terror and disgust I feel at the thought of Sarah Palin being so close to the highest office in the land. She’s just a sell-out thug who has sold her soul to gain power.