Ryan Block and his wife recently decided to switch to another provider and so they called to disconnect their service with Comcast. What resulted was his wife became so upset that he had to take over the call. This in turn resulted in more than eight minutes of audio in which we learn just how horrible Comcast really is. (Note that the recording takes place about ten minutes into the call.) In the end, he was able to cancel his service, but not before being badgered and harassed by the the “customer retention” specialist.

I recently went through something very similar; however, it was nowhere near this bad or frustrating. In my case, I was aware of friends who were paying $15 less per month to receive the same TV package as me, but who had more than three times the Internet speeds as I was getting. At this point I had been a Comcast customer for more than 20 years so I figured that they would want to retain my business by giving me the same package and pricing as other customers. I was wrong. I was told that I could get the better package, but it would be an increase of more than $30 to my monthly bill.  This was completely unacceptable, and since one of Comcast’s competitors was willing to give me the speeds I wanted for $30 less per month, it was decided that our relationship would end there. Or so I thought.

Initially canceling my Comcast account was no problem. There were no “retention specialists” brought in and the person on the end of the line really didn’t seem to be very sad that Comcast was losing a long-time customer. This all changed about a week later.

Just when I thought I was free from Comcast, the calls started coming in at all hours of the day. Thankfully, every time I explained the situation and how I felt that my business was not important to Comcast since they were unwilling to give me a better plan, the conversation was awkwardly ended. None of these individuals could really respond to “I wanted a better plan so I could stay with you and you told me too bad.” I’m not gong to lie; it felt pretty good to repeatedly tell this company that they fail hard in the field of customer service.

Obviously Ryan Block and I aren’t the only ones who have had issues with Comcast. There are reasons that people refer to them as “the Devil.” But what about you? Have you had any issues with Comcast’s abysmal customer service? What about other companies? We want to hear your experiences.

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