Rabbit Hole

This is the rabbit hole that will lead you to all manner of terribleness.

Do you know how every now and then you witness something that you really don’t want to see yet you can’t turn away from it? Collin decided that given some of our recent conversations regarding Texas chiggers that he needed to do some image searches that took us to some terrible places. Places full of images that cannot be unseen and will forever haunt our dreams. We apologize in advance, but it’s seriously like the most horrific accident that you simply can’t turn away from. This is one rabbit hole that you probably don’t want to venture down. You’ve been warned.

In less disturbing news, Nintendo is bringing another game to mobile platforms. Dr. Mario World will soon be available. Will it hold up to the original? Only time will tell but too much cell phone time is apparently causing humans to develop horns so let’s hope it’s not too addictive.

Also, DC Comics is ending their Vertigo imprint which has some fans pretty upset. They aren’t so upset that they’ve petitioned Marvel Comics to cancel anything though. They’re leaving the misdirected outrage petitions to people who are upset with Amazon’s Good Omens. But I think as long as Netflix doesn’t cancel Stranger Things we’ll be okay. Especially since the Raspberry Pi 4 just had a surprise release.


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