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Stolendroids Podcast is a three-time finalist for Tech Podcast of the Year. Listen as we bring you the latest from the world of technology weekly.

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What’s A Mac? – SD – Ep #356

What's a computer?! Maybe you should look it up . . . on your computer, you ignorant hipster spawn! In breaking news that shouldn't surprise anyone, you are surrounded by computers. They are in your car, on... Read More...

The Amazon Drain – SD – EP #354

Google is having problems as they rush to fix WiFi bugs, while Apple continues to copy Samsung by having phone batteries catch fire. Meanwhile Amazon is looking for the next big city to plunder and the fede... Read More...

CES 2018 – SD – EP #353

Zuke, Schmidty, and Dr Squishy come to you right from CES 2018! We talk about what we saw, what's going to be hot, what's really not, and what we REALLY didn't expect to see up on the second floor!... Read More...