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Ill Winds Blow – SD – Ep #362

Ready to banish your microphone to the land of wind and ghosts.   So the studies are in and, surprise surprise, it turns out the video games to not make you a crazy murder-happy sociopath!  I know i... Read More...

Banal Sandwiches – SD – Ep #360

I WILL BREAK YOU Hey, do you know what happens when Zuke reads a lot of words, but never hears them out loud?  He can't pronounce them.  So words like applique, chipotle, and banal come out VERY different t... Read More...

Barcephona – SD – Ep #359

We've got news from the Mobile World Congress and Nokia has got some cool stuff for us!  Yeah, I know: we're surprised too! Apple, meanwhile, can't seem to sell enough of the iPhone X to really make it l... Read More...