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Generic Geek Podcast is a weekly-ish podcast hosted by Collin and Zohner. Listen as they dive deep into geek culture discussions, the latest from TV, film, and comic books.
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GGP #19 – Rogue Ducks

The Generic Geek Podcast may be elusive, but we're back and we're talking Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the new Ducktales! Spoilers ahead. You have been warned... And to make this episode even more speci... Read More...
You Again

GGP #15 – It’s You Again

Andrea Peterson and Zacahri Reynolds from the You Again web series join Zohner and Collin on location at Gweedo's Comics in Layton, Utah to bring you a very special episode of The Generic Geek Podcast. And when... Read More...