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DC's Comic Book Movie Disasters

The Trifecta of Crap – MMU 06

It's hard to believe now, but in 1978, DC and Warner Bros. were on top of the comic book movie world. Superman was on its way to earning $166,200,000 at the global box office and turning its star, Chris... Read More...

Comic Book Movie Talk – GGP 31

Collin is down this week, but Zohner and Tracy hold down the fort. Listen as they discuss the latest casting news from Wonder Woman 2, the Black Panther sequel, the new Disney Star Wars series, and more. Spe... Read More...

Game On! – GGP 30

In a bit of a twist of fate, Zohner is out for this episode. Something about being trampled to death by a marching band... But never fear because Collin and Tracy pick up the slack as they chat with Cori Hoekst... Read More...