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Robert Pattinson

Is Robert Pattinson The Batman?

Variety reports that Robert Pattinson is in negotiations to play the lead role in Matt Reeves’ upcoming superhero film, The Batman. Warner Bros. isn't commenting on the report; however, sources are saying that ... Read More...
The Tick Featured Image

Amazon Cancels The Tick

It appears as though Amazon is done with the adventures of The Tick and Arthur. Creator Ben Edlund revealed today on Twitter that the Amazon has decided not to proceed with the third season of The Tick. He did,... Read More...
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The Real Mandarin Is Out There

If you've listened to any of the episodes of Movies That Make Us that I've joined in on, you may have heard me express my dislike for Iron Man 3.  It's not because of the story or the action, it's because of th... Read More...