Shazam! Stunts

Shazam! opened over the weekend to worldwide earnings of nearly $160 million (almost $57 million domestic) and a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Not too shabby for a movie about a superhero that nobody knows anything about. Unless of course they are either a comic book fan or were alive in the 1940s when Fawcett Comics’ Captain Marvel titles outsold even Superman books.

Join Val, Tracy, Jake, and Zohner (who may never be given a microphone again) as they share their thoughts on DC’s latest offering, Shazam! Listen as they discuss the good and the bad, but here’s a hint: there was a whole lot more good than bad.  Be warned, spoilers abound.

Did you manage to see Shazam! over the weekend? If so, what did you think? Is this the movie that is going to correct DC’s flailing cinematic universe? Let us know at Feel free to also send us any other feedback you have regarding the movie, the show, or and any suggestions for movies you would like us to discuss on an upcoming episode!

And since it was referenced in the episode, here’s Val’s IMDB page.