Those who are roughly my age will drool just a bit, and contemplate what you have in the world that is worth 35 thousand. Afterall you can get by with only one kidney. Or one lung.


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  • zohner

    It says that the car has a few upgrades but I don’t see a flux capacitor as being one of them. How can you upgrade a Delorean and not put in a flux capacitor? Maybe we’ll have to buy the one that Zuke mentioned in a different post.

  • See, here’s where I’m a bit weird; I love the original DeLorean form, but I don’t want the rest of the dated interior or performance. If I could just buy a frame and body of a DMC-12 and fit it out with everything else I wanted, that’d be ideal.

    I notice that even though he says it’s in near stock condition, he has the modified front suspension on it. The DMC-12 launched right at the time the US-DOT was considering raising the requirements for front bumper height. To compensate, the designers added a last minute suspension change, raising the front of the car about 3 inches. You can still see it on some older Deloreans, and makes the front of the car look funny.