I figure this would be a good place to share any thoughts, ideas, feelings, ratings, rantings, etc about the finale of the show. Feel free to put in any spoilers you want into your comments so that we can discuss what happened. BE WARNED!!! There WILL be spoilers in the comments so either don’t read them or don’t complain if it gets spoiled.


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  • Dr Squishy

    Overall I’d rate it about a C maybe C+. Since it started I’ve been a pretty casual fan of the show. I’ve long thought that it took itself way to seriously. It tried to break from traditional science fiction, and was at times very successful at that. However I personally felt that it tried to hard to be deep and important.

    Coming into the finale the show had more loose ends than a cheap sweater, and I’ll give them a lot of credit for trying to tie up most of them. Even if the knot made no sense. It was worth the lives of dozens to save one little girl? OK I can buy into the heroics of the thing. The bad basestar looked like it got F’d up but not destroyed so now you’ve got really really pissed bad cylons out there. Baltar has being seeing “Angels” all this time, I think. OK that doesn’t make much sense either but I’ll roll with it cause…. Well I’m not sure why other than the show has wanted to mix theology with tech since the beginning.

    Speaking of “Angels” was Starbuck actually one this whole last season? That one I really can’t let go. You take one of the central characters to the show and kill them off, fine, then bring them back, again fine its sci-fi no one is really dead except Gwen Stacy, but now that she’s back and interacting with the crew for a year she saves everyone with a Bob Dylan song (though I prefer the Hendrix version) that is actually the speed dial for Earth? WTF big time. Then again not nearly as silly as her pulling a Houdini on Prince Valiant (aka Lee Adama’s hair) in a field. Papa Adama flies off with the President so she can have a tearful death and he can give her his wedding ring, which is both sweet and kinda creepy sloppy seconds. He leaves his son behind because…. they had to have a goodbye scene I suppose.

    If you want to use flashbacks to explain a characters back story I’m all for it. Its worked well before in this show and others, but if you find yourself seven years and four season, plus two movies, into a show and you still feel that you need to explain their motivations more then you have failed as a writer. I’m sorry but its true. I’m sorry that you couldn’t find another way to work a strip club into the show, or get the president into a nightie but move on.

    Also apparently this all happened a Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. But also ended here, well actually in Africa cause its more PC to point out the wonders of that continent until it was raped by the white man, who are actually decedents of the Fleet, or….. something like that I don’t know. For something that should have been planned years in advance it all seemed a little pulled out of thin air. I watched a retrospective on the show in Sci-Fi earlier this week and the show runner explained that the revelation of 4 of the final 5 was done to give more punch to the finale of last season. They then decided on the spot who to turn into Toasters. This little insight shows that they really had no clue where they were going from the get go, and even 3/4’s of the way through they still didn’t know. This should explain a bit about how it ended the way it did.

  • Agreed with most all points. I liked how they wrapped up each person’s story in their own way. Not all of them made sense, but each ending fit each character pretty well.

    Science fiction shows have a bad habit of getting canned before the story is actually done. I believe this might be the first honest finale that I’ve ever seen for the genre, and it almost felt like they didn’t really know what to do with it all.

    There were definite good moments (like Caprica and Baltar realizing that they can BOTH see the angels). I also kinda liked the revelation from the angels that “We never said you had a BIG role in all this. Just that you had a role.” I liked the image of Apollo’s strike team fighting along side the Cylon Centurions. I would have liked to see Galactica kick a little more ass than just sit there and take everything they threw at her. Granted she’s been through a lot, but it’s a far cry from the scene in the miniseries where she’s guarding the fleet while it jumps away.

    I felt we could have done without the whole “homage to modern day robots”. Yeah, I get it: man kind likes to play God. No, wait, He doesn’t like that name (a little late in the series to correct her on that, don’t you think?)

    I appreciated it for what it was, and what it tried to do. I think in the end my mom said it best (she was the one watching it with me) with “The questions are usually more interesting than the answers.”

  • zohner

    I’m not sure what else can be said that hasn’t been said already. I think that it was a nice ending to a great series. It didn’t resolve all of my questions but it’s probably better that way.

    I did enjoying seeing all of the “old-school” centurions getting shot up. I thought that it made for a nice tip of the hat to the original series by including them. I was personally never a big fan of the new style centurions.

  • The old school ones did seem to be a bit burlier in their fighting style, didn’t they? The new ones just seemed able to run.