Up was released in 2009 and was the tenth Disney/Pixar film. It followed Ratatouille and Wall-E. It follows the adventures of 78-year-old Carl Fredrickson and stowaway scout, Russell, as they float away in Carl’s house and leave the big city for some jungle adventures. Along the way they’ll meet a talking dog named Dug and a crazy bird named Kevin. How was this movie not made for our podcast team?

In this episode we talk about this film’s animation and the story, and how these two factors have contributed to the enduring quality of this film. We talk about the first seven minutes, and how that sequence sticks with you even after the movie is over. We discuss the dynamics between Carl and Ellie and how they compare to the relationship between Carl and Russell.

Of course, we also talk a lot about talking dogs, and do we really want to know what our dogs are thinking? Or would we just be disappointed. We break off on some tangents, like could someone really float away with enough balloons. And Jake gets plenty of practice with the bleep button. And at some point, we bring it all back to Up.

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