Man Getting Hit By Football

First off, let me apologize for the delay in releasing this week’s episode. How does the saying go? Being tardy is better than not at all? But we’re simple folk here so let’s go with “better late than never.” Sometimes life just throws stuff at you that you can’t avoid. Like a litter of puppies. Or a football to the groin, metaphorically speaking of course.  Seriously though, it’s been a rough week. We truly appreciate your patience.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about Justin Bieber and his apparent anger issues. The Biebs needs to chill though because challenging action movie stars to fights is a good way to get messed up. And speaking of messed up, did you see X-Men: Dark Phoenix? No? Apparently, neither did anyone else. There’s a movie with some problems…

If you want to see some serious problems though, look no further than Warner Bros. and DC. Their streaming service, DC Universe is a hot mess that appears to be on its last leg. And Samsung still hasn’t released the Galaxy Fold. But it’s coming, they just won’t say when.

In happier news though, there’s some cool stuff that came out of E3 and Waze, everyone’s favorite navigation app, finally got Google Assistant integration!


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