As is often the case, this summer we’re going to be treated to two films which on the surface appear to be the same.  Since Hollywood is often terrified of risk and all to eager to copy what has bee successful  it’s quite common for this to happen (see 1997’s dueling disaster movie battle Volcano vs Dante’s Peak).  This year we’re being treated to two films about large scale attacks on Washington D.C. in general and the White House specifically.  Both movies appear to involve Die Hard esque heroes caught in the wrong place at the wrong time who have to almost single handedly save America and the President.

First out of gates, in theaters now, is Olympus Has Fallen directed by Antoine Fuqua with Aaron Eckhart as the President and Gerard Butler as the hero.


Then, on June 28th we get White House Down directed by disaster movie pro Roland Emmerich  with Jaime Foxx as the President and Channing Tatum as our hero.


I’m not going into a lot more detail because A) I haven’t seen either movie yet, and B) they both look fairly interchangeable   However, just based on the previews and cast involved which movie are you more interested in or excited about?  Also, in a Spring and Summer which already appear to be jam packed with big action, do you think either movie will stand out among the crowd?


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