Mass Effect 2 launches tomorrow.  I’m excited in ways you can’t even understand.  The first Mass Effect was one of those games that came onto the scene and really changed the way you played the RPG genre.  BioWare took what work they had done on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and just blew everything out of the water with it.

Ideally, I’d show you the launch video for the original game, but since the only one I can find has it disabled, I’ll just link it instead.

Of course, the game also had it’s share of controversy; some whacko at Fox News made claims in the media that the game was actually “An Alien Rape Simulator”.  Despite the fact that every person who ever played the game could attest that it was not and numerous experts in the field all tried to correct Fox, they have yet to retract their statements.  It didn’t keep the game from being awesome, though.

So here we are on the sequel, and it looks to be even bigger!  Below is the launch trailer, which looks like it could rival most major movies!


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