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I once heard somebody say that if you’re doing something that you enjoy, you’re not wasting time.  Tell that to my wife.  She’ll disagree with you.  If you prescribe to that theory though, you’ll want to continue reading.

The best thing about Firefox is that our site looks great in it.  If you use Internet Explorer, you’d think that this site was run by drunk monkeys.  The second best thing about Firefox is the ability to add quality extensions that enhance your browsing experience.  Sure, IE and Opera have tried to mimic this feature but who cares?  Firefox has it down pat.  Why settle for inferior substitutions?  Kroger brand vanilla wafers get owned by Nabisco.  It’s the same with browsers; Firefox is simply the best.

There are a lot of extensions that I like.  Until last week, Open Download was my favorite.  (It should be coded into Firefox, not an extension.)  Last week though, I discovered FireNES.  This is the greatest Firefox extension ever.  EVER!  IT’S THE BEST!

Remember the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System?  How many hours did you spend playing games like Super Mario Bros. or The Legend of Zelda?  If you’re reading this, my guess is a lot.  I know that I would make friends with kids based on what games they owned.  I hung out every day one summer with a kid that I absolutely hated because of two things: Mike Tyson’s Punch out and his hot sister.

Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Note that I put Mike Tyson’s Punch Out first.  I was a geek so obviously I had a better chance at beating Mike Tyson than I did of hooking up with the hot sister.  I know this because I beat the crap out of Mike Tyson and failed at getting more than a few words out at a time to the hot sister.

For all of you 8-bit addicts out there, FireNES is for you.  It’s a Firefox extension that allows you to play games that we all know and love from the original NES.  You want to play Super Mario Bros. 3?  You can.  How about Double Dragon?  It’s got that one too.   Final Fantasy?  Yep.  Legend of Zelda?  Mega Man?  Street Fighter?  Yep.  Yep.  Yep.  Mike Tyson’s Punch Out?  Unfortunately not.  The developers failed at including this like I failed with the hot sister.

Now is the time that you go get FireNES and let the 8-bit gaming begin.  After you install the add-on and restart Firefox, come back and let us know what your favorite classic games are.  And remember, if you’re doing something that you enjoy, you’re not wasting time.  Now if I can just convince my wife of that.

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Co-founder/show host/producer of Stolendroids. If you've listened to our shows, you know that I'm a geek. Anyone who says differently doesn't know me very well. If it has anything to do with computers, video games, toys, comic books, or sci-fi, you can count me in. Also, I aim to misbehave.

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  • Dr Squishy

    Holy crap that might be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. This will make those boring lectures a lot more interesting. It is kind of a bummer that they don’t have Punch Out. That is one of my favorite games ever, and by far one of the hardest. Anyone who says that they beat Tyson is lying. If you say you did beat him I wanna see it.

    Any other must have Firefox add ons? Maybe one for the Sega Master System?

  • zohner

    I honestly beat Tyson.  Granted, it was probably 20 years ago and it took me an entire summer but I beat him.  

    I haven’t come across and Sega plugins for Firefox.  I personally use Better Gmail 2, ColorZilla, Adblock Plus, Open Download, and FireNES.

  • melissa

    Sounds like your wife and I would get along! Don’t forget that Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese totally snuffs Western Family.

  • zohner

    Kraft is the only Mac ‘n Cheese that’s acceptable to consume with Velveeta coming in a close second.  Don’t even bother serving me Western Family.  I’ll eat it but I’ll complain about how inferior it is the whole time.

  • And how similar it tastes to the cardboard it came in.