Arrow Season 6 – Who’s Still Alive?

On the last episode of Season 5 of Arrow, Oliver Queen has set back off to Lian Yu, where his team, son William and William’s mother Samantha have been taken captive by Adrian Chase (Prometheus).

The trailer for season 6 starts off re-capping parts of Season 5. The first part we see is Adrian Chase tormenting Oliver, trying to get him to admit that he became the Green Arrow to do one thing, kill because he enjoys it.

Oliver had no choice but to try and assemble a team of those most unexpected to help, including Malcom Merlin, Slade Wilson, a.k.a Deathstroke, and Digger Harkness, a.k.a Captain Boomerang.

This group of unlikely allies managed to free everyone (except for his son, William, who was still hidden), and an epic battle ensued. But just when it looked as if team Arrow had won, and Oliver was  struggling with whether or not he would kill Adrian, Oliver ends up staying true to his new found self and resisted killing him, which was a good thing because Adrian rigged the whole island to explode upon his own death. Adrian then disappeared and Oliver tried to find him while the rest of the team searches for a way off the island.

Felicity radioed Oliver that Chase had sabotaged the plane, in which Oliver responds saying that there’s an Argus boat on the eastern shore and Slade can lead them there.

Slade responds that it will take far too long and that he’ll take his own chances and it looks like he then walks towards the plane.

Adrian talks about how William was younger than when Oliver’s father died and that he’ll be fine because of that.

We then see Samantha running off to find William, with Thea following close behind.

Adrian says “It’s going to be lonely without Mom and Felicity” and then shoots himself in the head.

Felicity and Diggle are trying to out run an explosion, maybe they were heading to the supply ship?

A chain reaction of expositions begin to occur all over the island.

We’re now back in Starling City, William has been having nightmares and Oliver asks him who he thinks the bad guy is, he then points back to Oliver.

The Green Arrow now springs back into being a Vigilante.

We then hear Dinah Drake saying “I’ve got it from here” and a battle scene between Dinah and Black Siren occurs. We’re assuming with the new costume for Dinah that she now feels worthy to become the Black Canary.

We then see Slade Wilson emerge from the smoke which could be Lian Yu after the explosion. Could Oliver think that Slade left everyone to die?

A bomb in the form of a soda can goes off within Starling PD, potentially our new villain for the season?

Oliver looks to be consoling William, potentially for the loss of his mother Samantha?

Oliver is talking to William in what looks to be the HIVE base, but modified slightly for a new room for William.

Oliver and Slade are shaking hands in a hospital, this leads us to believe that someone was badly injured from the island, but survived.

Slade says “We walk in two worlds, we can only do that for so long”, Oliver might have to choose between being Oliver or The Green Arrow.

Who do you think survived? We know that Slade, Black Canary, and Black Siren will be returning and that Samantha is more than likely dead.

We’ll see a few different recurring quests including Michael Emerson, Anatoly Knyazev, and of course Manu Bennett. I have to say, I haven’t been this excited for an Arrow season in a long time, there’s a lot of mystery in who actually returns and the relationship between the characters now, especially between William and Oliver.

Arrow will be returning October 12th of this year, appearing now on Thursday nights.


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