Apple Ios 9 – Hidden Features & Details

Yesterday’s Apple iOS 9 update dropped, bringing more Siri functionality, power saving, and application features.  We’ve assembled just a few of these for you to drool over while your device downloads the files to get you updated.

Settings Search


Ever try to find a certain feature or setting that you want to enable but never could remember where it was at? iOS 9 makes life a little easier by adding a search bar at the top of the settings area. No more digging around under ten sections to find one toggle to move over.


Siri’s goal has always been to increase productivity to its users, with the recent update aimed to compete with Google Now.

Spotlight search now brings Siri suggestions, which pulls up your most used contacts and applications, nearby restaurants, bar, shopping, nightlife, and several other options.


Searching just got a whole lot smarter, including video and an API that integrates with third party applications to pull content. Spotlight is now living to the left of the home screen.

Saying “Hey Siri” now brings up your personal assistant, allowing you to quickly ask questions, set reminders, or appointments.


Markup gives the ability to add text, zoom options, signature, and colored lines to images you attach to applications.

Attach an image to your email by holding your finger in the context area, release, and press “Insert Photo or Video”, then select your image. Once added, hold your finger over the image again and select “Markup”.



Apple fixes some major Wi-Fi connection issues that can often be annoying. Wi-Fi assist automatically disables your Wi-Fi connection and transitions onto your cellular network when it begins to have connectivity issues.


ios9-low-power-modeLONGER BATTERY LIFE

As an IT professional I’m constantly on the go and need to stay in touch with my team, upper management, and end-user. Battery life often becomes a concern for me and I am constantly struggling to keep my battery lasting for a full day. Low Power Mode disables mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and several other things that allows you to squeeze an extra hour of battery life.




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