Last week I wrote about how the major drama networks were playing all the long movies, and it seems they just continued it this weekend.  Is there something going on in the TV world that I don’t know about?

This week’s offerings were King Kong and the other three Star Wars films.  Both movies left me with certain realizations:

1) I never want to see King Kong.  Ever.  I watched 2 minutes of it, and it just happened to be the “Valley of the Bugs” scene . . . (I’m actually shuddering as I write this) . . .

I had to turn off the TV, go downstairs, and re-spray the house with insecticide.  I’m still debating calling Orkin.

2) Everyone always complains about the horrible dialog in Star Wars Episodes 1-3, and rightfully so; it’s downright awful.  BUT, it’s not without precident!  Episode 4: A New Hope was the first movie actually filmed for Star Wars, and in it, Luke Skywalker has dialog just as bad!  No one else in it, just him!

And even he got better towards Jedi.

It’s like Lucas went back and said “OK, we need to create three more chapters that explain how we got up to the Empire, the Fall of the Jedi, how Anakin becomes Darth Vader, and how Luke got such bad delivery.  We’ll start REALLY bad in Episode 1, and gradually improve up to Episode 3!”

There, mystery solved.


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  • zohner

    George Lucas is a HORRIBLE writer. While I think that he is a genius story teller, he really needs somebody like Irvin Kirshner to keep him in check. Case in point: Ewoks instead of Wookiees in Return of the Jedi.

    In King Kong, the valley of the bugs scene is just downright disturbing. The rest of the movie was actually pretty good though. Just those dang bugs…

  • Squishy

    Lucas has no delusions that he is a great writer, geeks just assigned him that title. In several of the interviews on the Star Wars DVD’s Lucas says that he makes Silent Films, that he throws dialouge into. It wasn’t just the Hamster that sucked in the original trilogy. Look at Carrie Fischers faux British accent, nuff said. Harrison Ford pulled off the ridiculous words because, well he’s Harrison Ford.

    I didn’t think that Kirshner had anything to do with Jedi? He directed Empire, but has no credits on Jedi
    I concur, King Kong is good, ridiculously long, but good. If you want to check out a great clip from it find the Kong vs 3 T-Rex’s scene.

  • zohner

    Kirshner didn’t have anything to do with Jedi. That is why we got Ewoks instead of Wookiees. It’s my understanding that Kirshner was pushing for Wookiees before he left the project.

  • Halley

    oh, and if you’re wondering why they are showing tons of movies, is because they hit the end of the the season at the beginning of April. So there is a three-week hiccup where most networks aren’t having any new episodes so they play a lot of reruns and movies. Don’t worry! New episodes should be back about the 20th of April or so.

    I’ve never seen King Kong, but I still can imagine Adrian Brody in 1930s attire. *drool* – also, a couple nights of good binge drinking and I seriously can’t even recall anything about the first three Star Wars except “Padme! NoooooooOOO!”

  • Squishy

    I whole heartedly defend the new trilogy. As a life long Star Wars fan I’m happy with 99% of all three movies. I can’t think of any other movies that were that anticipated, and lived up to as much of the hype as possible.

    The only possible series that was more anticipated than Star Wards, was Lord of the Rings. With that kind of hype it did a fantastic job.

  • I would agree. And even after ragging on the dialog in the Star Wars movies, I still enjoy watching them. And I still totally want a lightsaber.