Orange is the New Snack

Orange is the New Snack… Yep, that’s disturbing.

Collin has recovered from his most recent death meaning he’s back! And he brought Tom with him! Let the unpredictability begin!

You may remember Tom from such episodes as “Bald Love” and “AI Gets Sniderlickus.” And if you liked those episodes, you’re going to love this one because it’s basically a variety show from the 1970s. We have singing, bad jokes, and sausage. We have a Star Wars actor and The Bachelor. And we even have Muppets!

And if that’s not enough to keep you entertained, we also mix in terrified children with bobcats, church, and boiling frogs. You might say that this episode is “Almost Paradise.” (We say “almost” because out of everything mentioned, a few are headlines while the rest are tangents and rabbit holes.) Listen, learn, and be entertained.

Seriously though; how cool would it be if Ewan McGregor really did show up and he brought Muppets with him? And if one of those Muppets happened to be Kermit the Frog, we could test out the frog in boiling water theory.


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