Agents of Shield Saved by Disney

While Marvel seems to have things going well when it comes to their big screen offerings and their Netflix properties, ABC’s Agents of SHIELD has always felt like something that simply exists for the sake of existing. With the show offering so many teases at greatness, but without actually achieving it, one would assume that all hope was lost. But then the fourth, and most recent, season happened.

For those who gave up on Agents of SHIELD long ago, the most recent season shows that the show has finally come into its own. It combined magic and mystery while also offering viewers a clever take on the “darkest timeline” trope. All things that comic book fans enjoy. (However, I still argue that the best version of a “darkest timeline” was offered by Community. But I digress.)

Season four also introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Ghost Rider and Patriot, and overall, the entire season appeared to be fairly well received; however, it seems that all of those many teases at the show’s potential never paying off were starting to come back to haunt it.

Variety is reporting that after some at ABC expressed a desire to end the series earlier this year, a mandate to renew Agents of SHIELD for a fifth season came down from Disney execs.

Unfortunately, as the show has progressed, Agents of SHIELD has become more and more cut off from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. And the bad news is that it doesn’t appear to have any clear plans to circle back around in the near future. This has led to stagnant ratings, and frustrated viewers who, after seeing how well they were able to tie in the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, only to proceed to isolate themselves more and more from other events in the MCU, had all but given up on the series. It’s really no surprise to learn that ABC was ready to end the show’s run. And they would have done so too except Disney decided to step in and force the show’s renewal.

This news has to lead one has to wonder if Disney knows something that we don’t. Will we finally be seeing some big name crossover action on the small screen? Will the show play some sort of role leading up to Avengers: Infinity War? I guess time will tell.

Agents of SHIELD returns this fall with a new Friday night time slot.

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