MarvelYourUniverse_CoverAccording to the New York Times, Disney has made a bid to purchase Marvel Comics for $4 billion.

Walt Disney Company said Monday it has agreed to buy Marvel Entertainment, the storied comic book company that owns the rights to such popular characters as Spider-Man and and the Fantastic Four, in a cash and stock deal it valued at $4 billion. The deal comes more than 10 years after Marvel was at the center of a bruising and highly public takeover battle between two feisty financiers.

Shareholders at Marvel will need to approve the transaction, which boards of directors at both companies have already approved.

If this actually goes through, it will probably mean a few things for us as geeks: first, every superhero movie from here on out will feature a Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana song.  Second, every movie from here on out has the potential to be stuck in the same type of development hell that plagues the DC franchises.  And finally, Selena Gomez as the Wasp in the upcoming Avengers flick.  On the plus side though, Disney is amazing when it comes to marketing so it’s also possible that we’ll see a lot of great toys and possibly even some more cartoons on TV.

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  • Dr Squishy

    From what little has come out about the deal it doesn’t seem like it’s going to have that great of an impact any time soon. Most of the major movie franchises are tied up with Sony or Paramount, so the House of Mouse won’t be making Spiderman anytime soon. I honestly think that the biggest help will be in the animation department, which is something that Disney is quite good at. The quality may suffer, but lets face it, most of the Marvel cartoons have been shades of terrible so I doubt they could do much worse.

    On a related note I’m sure it means that I’m old because I have no clue who “Selena Gomez” is.

  • zohner

    It doesn’t mean that you’re old. It just means that you don’t have preteen girls in your house.