But I mean only in regards to movies.

Iron Man – May, 2008
Speed Racer – May, 2008
Indiana Jones – May, 2008
The Incredible Hulk – June, 2008
Wall-E – June, 2008
Get Smart – June, 2008
X-Men Origins: Wolverine – May, 2009
Star Trek – May, 2009

Might actually have a nice summer of movies, which hasn’t happened for awhile. Sure, there was the glee-session that was Transformers last year (where I was bouncing in my seat like a 5 year old), but that and Bourne Ultimatum were sort of it for 2007.

Funny thing happened while watching the trailer (teaser) for Star Trek. It’s not like an elephant walked through my office or I got a raise for my fine taste in non-work-related web browsing. Rather, it was a sudden realization that I had. In the teaser, it has a load of people building something; they’re welding, they’re hoisting stuff, they’re grimy, and it looks something like 1900 New York City in a way. They zoom out a bit and you make out the tell-tale form of the primary hull from a Constellation Class Heavy Cruiser.

Nevermind the fact that everything is grossly out of scale, it was a rather cool to see such a thing under construction. However it also made me realize what must go into building a star ship. It must be quite a feat, with all the man power, materials, and time required. But in the shows we enjoy, spaceships are common place. They might as well be cars for how many of them are zipping around!

Which leads me to fear that in the future, spaceships will either be manufactured by America Online or World of Warcraft, and be distributed to people with free 14-day trials in the mail along with samples of Tide.


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  • Steve

    Let us not forget the best movie of the summer, The Dark Knight.

  • Bryan Schmidt

    Where do I sign up for the Tide?

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to Iron Man, Dark Knight, and Wall-E. The others would be cool to see, but if I only had money for three movies (which may be the case), those are my choices.

  • Zuke

    I also forgot The Forbidden Kingdom, and the insane amount of video game titles coming out!