Tim Burton’s Batman came out in 1989 and changed everything about the Batman image in the mainstream consciousness. And it was all pretty interesting, from bringing on a director who had never done any kind of major action film, to hiring a lead actor who had been known up to that point for his major comedic roles. And somehow it all worked.

Prior to Batman, the way the caped crusader had been typically portrayed outside of the comics was based on Adam West’s version. It was campy and fun and colorful, but it wasn’t the Batman we know today. From the acclaimed 1990s animated series to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, all of it can be traced back to the success of this film.

The film was not just a box office hit, but a huge marketing and merchandising success. Seriously, what did not have a Batman logo on it in 1989? It was everywhere. Batman toys were found in toy stores and fast food restaurants and just everywhere. Black Batman shirts were seen on everybody, and hats and mugs and everything. Warner Bros. definitely followed the George Lucas merchandising model and it paid off.

None of it would have worked out, though, if the film had not been good. But, thanks to Tim Burton’s vision, Danny Elfman’s score, the chemistry between Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton, all of it combined for an almost perfect film. It blew everyone away and changed what a superhero movie could be.

So join our team as we record live at Watchtower Comics and Coffee and discuss what has become a cinematic classic, and we will talk about it all, even if we take a quick side note or two.

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