When it comes to strategy games, the Total War series has never ceased to innovate and impress. Developed by the Creative Assembly, Total War is a franchise rife with great games: Shogun, Medieval, Rome, Medieval II, Empire. Each installment in the series has pushed the limits of the genre. Now the Creative Assembly has announced their latest project: Napoleon.

Watch the trailer below, and you’ll understand just exactly why all of Europe was terrified of a diminutive upstart Frenchman.

Napoleon: Total War is apparently being created in lieu of an expansion for its predecessor, Empire: Total War, and will be using a souped-up version of the latter’s engine. Empire was known for its awesome visual effects, stunning naval battles and the unheard of use of motion capture animation for every single soldier on the battlefield.

Napoleon will expand upon Empire’s firm foundation to recreate some of the most infamous and bloody battles of the 19th Century in incredible graphic detail, and it is poised to blow the strategy genre away. Moreover, it’s coming out remarkably soon — February 2010.

Vive la France.

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